The original Rochester Monarchs were brought together by a number of avid hockey enthusiasts in 1973.  That year they gathered enough players for the first Rochester Monarch hockey team, affiliated with the New York/Pennsylvania Junior Hockey League.  These players, from throughout the Rochester area, had enthusiastic support.  Every home game was a sell-out.  The team took precedence over local sporting events on the evening news.  This high caliber of hockey was predominant throughout the 70’s.

The reformation of the Rochester Monarchs is an attempt to return to this level of excellence to youth hockey in Rochester.  We feel that our local young hockey players should be able to play with the most committed and talented players of the region.  We are offering AAA caliber hockey in Rochester so that the players in our community can stay in their homes, and sleep in their own beds with the support of their families, their schools, and the local hockey community that nurtured then in their formative years.  Having such support will provide the essential balance young hockey players need to achieve their full potential.  The backers of this initiative are committed to keeping the costs low for the participating families through corporate advertising and unique fund-raising opportunities.  We are led by dedicated and experienced hockey advisors from our local area, and we have assembled a strong group of resources through hockey associations and business partnerships that have been developed over the past 30 years.  With our generous support and contributions, the Rochester Monarchs can bring the opportunity for excellence to our children once again.